30 November 2004

so just back from a weekend trip to home.got some things to finish.so GET BACK TO WORK RIGHT NOW !!

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26 November 2004


if you see this image then head over to flickr.com and get an a/c for yourself !!
finally i think i got the images ok !

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that quintessential stuff

had pongal { ya the same tamilian breakfast of boiled rice and pulses! } prepared by my roommate.man he does do it pretty decently i must say !
training for the chennai marathon is going on in full swing.
tried my hand @ volleyball after a full 3 yrs in office.seems some corporate tournament is going on ! i expected my hands to pain heavily but its ok.manageable !
since its a friday im feeling damn bored to work or to do anything ! just want to laze around !!!

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25 November 2004

will be in madras over the weekend ! { now why does a strange smile spring up on my face when i say that ? } anyway shall try to redesign my blog over that time so that i can put up pictures ! got to do something about that !
this saturday im planning a run from koramangala to marathahalli as a part of my practise for the chennai marathon
anyone intrested can give send across an e-mail !

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24 November 2004

and you thought patents were only obtained by geeky and nerdy looking people ? think again ! indian army now has a patent for designing a monstrous vehicle it seems ! way to go guys. sometimes i do feel that i should have tried to enlist for the army.now-a-days it gives me the kicks just to watch the disciplined way these guys are.agreed your money is no great shakes but then your expenses are not there too ! anyway let bygones be bygones and let me try to salvage something out of my current vocation !

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23 November 2004

grr.textamerica.com gave me the khai { for those who dont know tamil givign the khai{hand} means letting u down !}
got to fiddle with it to get loading pics correct !
ya i read an intresting editorial in today's indian express on why rajkumar the kannada actor should distance himself from the ongoing tussle against the exhibitors and actors.
there was also some good opinions expressed against the kanchi shankaracharya episode.
let me get some links and post it here

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22 November 2004

I am trying to add images to my blog.hence created a textamerica.com account.so if the image loads you should be able to see the indian wonder of the world !

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19 November 2004

two posts in a day!

I could not help posting this article !!

Not just IT, even slums need infrastructure: Gowda

Friday, 19 November , 2004, 15:48

Pointing out the lopsided development in Bangalore, the JD(S) supremo said it is not enough if one installs glittering lights on some roads in the City.


Janata Dal (S) supremo H D Deve Gowda on Thursday invited Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to visit some slums in Bangalore along with him.

He said slum-dwellers too have problems but their cry has drowned in the hue and cry of the IT sector about the lack of infrastructure.

Participating in the installation of new set of office-bearers at the party office in Bangalore, Mr Gowda came down heavily on some IT companies complaining to the Congress high command about the lack of infrastructure in Bangalore. “It is not IT sector alone that requires infrastructure, even slums require infrastructure as nothing much has been done for them though nearly half of the city’s population resides there,” he argued.

“The IT companies represent only one face of the city. They should also look at the other face (slums). There is immoral, unethical and illegal prosperity on the one side and poverty-stricken people who are moral and ethical on the other. Ms Sonia and Mr Singh should visit the slums in Bangalore to know the gap between the living conditions of these two classes.”

Veiled attack

“These people (IT companies) are making every one believe that infrastructure has deteriorated immediately after Mr Siddaramaiah became the finance minister,” he pointed out.

Without naming former chief minister S M Krishna, whom the IT companies have hailed for developing Bangalore’s infrastructure, he took an indirect dig at him by saying: “Is it enough if you just install glittering lights on some four roads in the city?”

He went on listing the infrastructure works taken up by him and the erstwhile JD government for Bangalore including the construction of a ring road at a cost of Rs 90 crore and sanctioning of Cauvery fourth stage drinking water supply project at a cost of Rs 1,380 crore. He said the Cauvery drinking water project had been taken up amidst opposition from the then prime minister P V Narasimha Rao.

the above is an article in deccan herald.what makes me feel happy is that there is someone in the government to make sure the software code monkeys dont feel that they are the supreme beings in this planet ! thank you Mr.Gowda

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it's a small world after all!

To repeat those cliched words "its a small world after all".One of the guys who signed in my blog'
s guest book happens to be a close friend of my current roommate ! man its really mind boggling { or i must say mind blogging :-) }
if perviously the world was a small town the arrival of the internet has made it a small village !
more importantly thanks to all those who signed in my book.you have really inflated this egoistis heart !! :-)
my long time friend finally has recovered to a great extent from his brain injury !
weekend is here and let me see how much of my research stuff i can finish.every weekend i resolve to complete something substantial and end up doing almost nothing !

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18 November 2004

ok this blog entry does not have a title ! now-a-days i think i made a right decision to shift house to kormanagala inspite of the atrocious rent ! there are quite a lot of bachelor hangouts and quite cost effective i must say.i had dinner in a place called little kitchen.quite tasty parata's and the surprising part was it came along with side dishes and the entire package costed just 20rs ! neat ! when i pay 35rs for the same { a bit lesser quality } in lalitha's domlur without side dishes.
my friend from army is visiting me.we have always had some intresting discussions on the state of affairs of bangalore and india in general ! the next few days promises to be intresting !

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17 November 2004

understanding that 1cubic feet

i think among all the most difficult things to do understanding the mind of a female is the most difficult one !
i find it hard to imagine that rajini's daughter would consent to marry that danush fellow.however my reliable sources tell me that daughter herself is no great shakes.still i am not convinced.anyway if they are happy then there is nothing that i am bothered about !
things are finally moving on the research front ! hope they get sorted out fast !
my daily commuting to office takes me across a nice road called inner ring road in kormanagala.it is a good road with three lanes.in general if lane system is used then it means that each lane should have vehicles of different speed ! however i find here people just cutting across lane as if its their own road.the lane system is enforced for one's own safety ! hope ppl remember that when they drive their vehicles !

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16 November 2004

all that hype ?

saw a honda unicorn whizz past me today.i think it has been really hyped atleast going by the looks of it.not much of a difference between this and the other bikes.
huh i missed the madras blogger's meet.i swear i shall attend the next one.so sad i did not get to see the postings made early by many !
i was thinking of writing something important today but kind of it slipped thru.

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15 November 2004

after that looong break!

was @ home over the weekend.it rained like crazy ! good.the last time i was in madras for such a rain was way back in 1995 when i was a student @ vivekananda college.i still remember when i walked a distance of around 7 or so km to reach home !
then it seems that the RWH { rain water harvesting} project is getting good returns.the water table in the city has increased significatnly due to the recent heavy rains !

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09 November 2004

where else ?

well im off to madras tomm { where else ? } for a change im driving down along with a friend of mine.it promises to be an intresting trip.we were together in school for the full 14yrs and then kind of drifted away.promises to be a journey of self-discovery !

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08 November 2004

the weekend that was !

had a gr8 weekend.was invited for cinner to my guide's house.wow man the food was simply amazing ! long time since i had such nice and tasty food { except @ home of course! }

"bangalore has no more room to grow.it has become saturated.the traffic is becoming worse day-by-day.we need to create more satellite towns" well i have not said the above.the deputy cm did it.well my poser to the authorities is that you knew all this then why the hell did you have an egoistic competition with the neighbouring states to attract investment ? why did you allow companies to start here in such a hurry ? just to satisfy your pockets and your egoes ? now who are the one suferring ? the poor ppl who have to travel long distances in absolutely unmanageable and chaotic traffic.

my write up almost getting ready.so let me go ahead and continue giving some finishing touches to it.

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05 November 2004

im back !!

after about a year and half i returned today to my usual jogging track, a 8km track in the inner ring road between domlur and koramangala.
i did just 6 km today but shall up it in the coming days to 8km.one change i noticed almost instantly is that the number of vehicles on that road even at 6am in the morning is too much !

then i have the article that was published in yesterday's hindu about bangalore and IT.shall write up on it sometime today.

the prez is here in bangalore.so all junta are in for a torrid time.god save them !

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04 November 2004

read an intresting article in the hindu today.an official of the government says " you need to be in bangaore if you want to do buisness" well i shall get that article tomorrow and try to give a point by point rebuttal of it.
i somehow feel that the hindu is loosing its charm and its impartial approach to reporting news.if you are in madras it sings praises of madras and if you are in bangalore it sings praises of bangalore. that is unbecoming of a newpaper of its stature.
and indian team is getting hammered.i guess what goes up has to come down and some point of time and it is coming down !! good.only then things will have a certain balance to it.the only thing is the media. i guess they need not keep praising the team sky high when they do well and lampoon then when they dont do well !

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03 November 2004

well well a week's travel thru north india ! some pics and a travelouge to be done.shall be doing it shortly !
now back to work as too many things are pending !

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