25 October 2005

Strange Post

So what is strange about this post you might ask. Well i am using a web2.0 browser called Flock to make this post.Cool ain't it ? It uses firefox's codebase but adds quite a lot of addons like RSS, Blogs etc.For a developer preview the browser is pretty stable !
And as i said previously weather is always a great leveller. The hyped up and moronic bangaloreans claimed that only bombay cannot withstand 90cm of rain but bangalore being on top of a hill can withstand anything ! Ah it took just 9cm of rain to debunk all those myths. So isn't it a matter of shame that a city on top of a hill has most of its major highways flooded ? The road that leads to the so called IT high technology offices is still under waist deep water. Isn't it time that the administration made some serious effort to request companies to stop investing and upgrade the infrastructure to a world class level ? These are the fruits which the current administration must bear because a so-called "India's Best Chief minister" S.M.Krishna fought an egoistic war with a neighbouring state chief minister to attract investment, without taking into account whether the city can withstand it or not ? And for all those morons who still claim that bangalore has terrific weather think again. There is no point in being marooned like this when all it took was just 9cm of rain !
The ongoing tussle between Deve Gowda and Infosys is taking some real strange turns. However at a personal level i think there is nothing wrong in what Deve Gowda is trying to point out. The software coolies and sweat shop idiots who have already lost their thiking abilities due to the moronic nature of their work, need to think and then respond. They should not blindly come to the support of Narayana Murthy.
A government exists for the purpose of the entire state and it must look after the problems that are being faced all over the state. It does not need buisnessmen with their own intrests to dictate it as to how it should be run. The software industry came about without government interference. There is nothing wrong in demanding good roads and better infrastructure. But there is always a way to do that. Tiruppur makes the equivalent of what software earns by exports, but aren't they having their problems highlighted in a proper manner ? Are they threatening and trying to arm twist the government ? The unnecessary media hype is in part a major reason for such needless publicity.Deve Gowda is pretty right in saying that the land deals must be probed.

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20 October 2005

satuatory warning : if you know me then you would also know that i am not quite capable of writing stuff like this. But i can atleast sing this right ? ;-)

I was born a child of grace
Nothing else about the place
Everything was ugly but your beautiful face
And it left me no illusion

I saw you in the curve of the moon
In the shadow cast across my room
You heard me in my tune
When I just heard confusion

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am...I am

I like the sound of my own voice
I didn't give anyone else a choice
An intellectual tortoise
Racing with your bullet train

Some people get squashed crossing the tracks
Some people got high rises on their backs
I'm not broke but you can see the cracks
You can make me perfect again

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am...I am

I'm alive
I'm being born
I just arrived, I'm at the door
Of the place I started out from
And I want back inside

All because of you
All because of you
All because of you
I am

Watch this space to know what this is !

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19 October 2005

King !

seer konduva ven magamae { oh clouds get me a gift }
idhu iniya vasandha kaalam { these are vasantham{spring?} times }
ilaigalil ilami udhirum kolam { the leaves are brimming with youth }
idhuve ini yengum nirandharam { this is now going to be forever }

waft's spb's melodious voice in that song.listen to it here
Well raja is at it again in this song folks. Listen to that peculiar instrument { not drums a kind of anklet sounds } in the background giving that extra rythm and effect ! man raja rocks

if you were to rephrase the same song
seer thandha ven megame { the coulds which gave the gift }
adhu iniya vasantha kaalam { those were great days }
ilaygalil ilamia udhirum kolam { the leaves are brimming with youth }
adhuve ini yengum nirandharam { that will always be forever }

raja you will always be forever. for changing the way we listen to music ! i heard your concert rocked. A pity i was not able to attend it.

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13 October 2005


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why the blogging movement has been sucessful is the fact that it has remained highly personal. No single individual or a group controls it. It's my blog and i post whatever crap i want to. You want to read it you do. You dont want to the hell i care. This has been the attitude of most bloggers around.
That being the case taunting bloggers with statements like "any blogger worth his salt must express his opinion on this"
is to say the least childish !
So guys please i am in no mood to publish my views on this. I would prefer a wait and watch approach. And oh to things like "if you co-operate today tomorrow we wont co-operate" well im sorry guys. You dont know me yet :-)
Update : Those who do know me will know what my stand on that issue is !

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11 October 2005


well i wanted to title this post as "harris jeyaraj" but on second thoughts i dont think he deserves a title in my blog !
anyway of late i found two of his songs pretty good.
1. Uyire Enn Uyire from ThottiJaya
2. Oru Maalai from Ghajini

i think it has got more to do with the singer.Karthik's voice wafts through effortlessly.But i think his ability to stress his vocal chords isn't that great.For those songs that move about in a kind of single pitch i think he does well.It remains to be seen how he handles songs that require a lot more modulation.

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10 October 2005

Changing times ?

Is this a reflection of changing times ? intresting point indeed ! Wonder what the dravidian parties will have to say about it though.

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05 October 2005

Education & Politics

I always believed that being educated might make one a better politician.But the dynasty that exists in Tamilnadu seems to believe otherwise.How else would one explain the stupid and utter nonsensical act of Dayanadhi Maran the IT and communications minister.
In a recent industry conference at madras, he started of in the right note by mentioning that other cities must learn not only the good but also the bad things that are happening in Bangalore.He was referring to the traffic problems and infrastructure problems.
He could have stopped at that and prevented from having the egg on his face.Instead that stupid moron went one step further and said that if the current infrastructure problems in madras are to solved, his party must be voted back to power in the next elections it seems.Hah ! As if he got no other platform to campaign for a party headed by a old bull-crap fellow ? A party which when it was in pwoer did nothing for the state, that "Amma", who was percieved to be so corrupt was voted back ?
And "Amma" is making great strides in infrastructure developement atleast. For the state to rank second in FDI with minimum of hype and advertising fuss, it requires efficient governance.And that "Amma" is more than capable of !
So let me kick start a "Vote-Amma-Back-To-Power" campain thru this post.Well she might not have any sort of publicity hype, nor she might be having some ranking as best chief minister, but she sure is proving to be efficient !

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