29 January 2009

Padma Shri awards 2009

Definitive proof that like most other government awards in India, the Padma awards are rigged too !


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21 January 2009

Opeth in Saarang

Opeth, the band I was introduced to by Sachin while I was in Mexico, is playing in Saarang, the IIT Madras cultural festival on 25th January. I plan to be there to check out the band.


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Mumbai Marathon 2009

And so I completed my third Mumbai Marathon in a little over five hours. I am not quite happy with the timing, which was slower that my last year's one.

So, the focus for 2009 would be a sub 4.30 finish in a marathon. That would be an interesting focus.

On another aside, I now have 11 marathon finisher's medals in my closet. Each marathon finish gets me closer to my goal of running 100 marathons before I kick the bucket. It would be a honor and a privilege to run my 100th Marathon in front of my home crowd, Madras. Well, since it is a long way to go, I am still hoping that I can do it. Time will tell.


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15 January 2009

Villu - Review

A typical Vijay movie. Enough dose of comedy, sentiments, and a bit high on stunt quotient. Classy and well packaged. Some nice dances by Vijay. All in all a comfortable way to pass your time on a lazy Sunday evening.


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07 January 2009


Isn't this ironical ? The company's name is Satyam, meaning truth, and they have been spreading lies for the past eight or so years ?


I cannot help but feeling sad at the plight of the 50,000 and odd employees of the company. My best guess is that when the shares nosedive to practically zero, someone would come along and take over the company, possibly IBM.


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06 January 2009

sea gull velsao beach

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A sea gull in velsao beach, taken during my recent Goa trip. More pictures are up here.

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02 January 2009

Back to Civilization

I'm back to civilization after two weeks well spent in Goa -- cycling around it. Posts and pictures to follow over the next few days. Saw Goa in a way which usual tourists would never get to see it. In all probability would repeat this cycling trip sometime later.

To all those who e-mailed me their new year wishes, and were pissed about the fact that there was no reply within my usual 24 hour window -- now you know why you did not get any.

New wishes to you all.


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