29 February 2004

grr my browser crashed and i am in no mood to retype my whole blog.so not going to type much.
checked out some new songs from p.saravanan.some somgs are really good !
and then checked out the empire restruant in museum road.decent one.
the biil for 4 came to 700 ! what the heck we freaked out on the food !
gotta go.loads of work pile up is happening !
topic to be choosen for my project and assignments to be done !

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27 February 2004

one week of madness ended today ! phew frenetic programming and around 15 hours for the whole week.no wonder i feel releived and no enthu to do anything today !
got new version of gaim.let me try it out.
then no new things happened this week.but why should it happen ?
phew my IT refund check has bounced the second time.this time i am really serious.the refund is not peanuts to write it off.shall fight and get it back somehow !
and then now i know how people will feel when the are not having enough sleep.
i am dead tired now and in the danger of dozing off anytime.so shall stop here

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22 February 2004

had a look at some good blogs ! man the kind of effort ppl put into their blogs ! simply awesome !
phew past 3 days of 3 hours of sleep ( which is nine hours !) and my brain definitely needs a break.assignment seems to be on course for a wednesday submission.
it has been long since i spent sleepless night on my studies.the last was in 1998 when i was in REC trichy when i had 2 continous days without sleep.
of course nothing beats my professional job time when i went for 3 days without sleep ( ya almost.ok i took around 2 hours of sleep !)
ok.i guess i am talking too much sleep :-(
then finally kamal's movie virumandi is a hit ! i guess to see that movie atleast i must go home ! but when ?
after a loong time i have not seem a kamal's blockbuster on the first day !
anyway allow me to go now to give some more shape to that f*(&**^*^*^*) assignment ( those wierd characters you saw are NOT typo errors)

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20 February 2004

now trying to figure out how to compile jedit using gcj ! anyway another intresting development is on the browser side.
i am currently evaluvating firefox from mozilla and it is definitely good ! i am impressed.
then checked out some songs from the movie jay jay.
2 songs are worth it.unnai naan by hariharan.well hariharan is one of my fav singers and he definitely rocks this song ! another latest hariharan song is from the movie engal anna called mudha mudhalai.good yaman kalyani song by deva ( of all ppl is it ? ) actually deva has given some good songs and this is one of them.
then i also heard kadhal mazhaiye ! i did catch a few minutes of the video and the song was picturised well.
amoga ( seems she was a model for pepsi ! i never saw that ad ! ) cute amoga is running around trying to locate maddy !
but the song definitely rocks.srinivas has done a decent job.but i still feel "god" hariharan would have done a better job of it !
then my assignment seems to be looking up.time to get back to it and give it some more support !

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19 February 2004

and finally i got kde3.2 working.it does look good !
also managed to check out LOTR.man that movie surely rocks !
phew compiler design is probablyu one of the heaviest courses in IISC.i am still programming and god knows when i will finish !
the problem lies with the language becuase it is so flexible that you can do virtually anything with the language :-(
and then i am currently using jedit and the editor seems to be good ! good performance for something written in java.i am definitely surprised & impressed !
it has this cool feature of structure member completion which is not there by default in vim ( ok vim enthusiasts might hammer me for this but yes there are plugins for vim that do this.alternatively i could also write one ! but still the way it is done in jedit is definitely good !
supposedly it is done using xrefactory which is also available for emacs.
but since i am not an avid emacs user i guess i shall stick to jedit for the time being !
then ran around for the past few days trying to file my returns.filing tax returns here is actually quite easy !
and the mother of all surprises is that i got back my refund ! india is definitely shining !

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15 February 2004

blogging after two weeks ! not that i was away from the net or something but away from blogging simply due to too much of work pressure.
ok the question to be asked is why is it that these things are being compromised for work ? am i not eating when i have work ?
so i shall resolve to continue blogging and type out atleast a few lines daily ! must be like sending an e-mail !
then valentines day came and went ! yet another lonely valentine's day u ask ? i ask why should be something called valentine's day itself.
it is really ironical that the whole world celebrates somebody's death.it is still ironical that indian marketing dud's have hyped it much more than necessary.
i know a friend of mine who buys clothes especially for this day !
come one ! we are not kid's .if you really care about someone why do you need a special day to say it ?
anyway that was my thoughts on what this valentine's day madness is all about !
then caught up with LOTR the final part.
man this beats the shit out of the LOTR -II
after a looong time the sequel is better that the original !
anyway i shall write more in the next blog.
till then i resolve to type in atleast a paragraph every day !

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01 February 2004

met some old friends last week.had a good time ! then there was this marriage of a friend of mine which i had to skip due to commitments in college.man she is going to be mad at me.called me up some 4 or 5 times and made me promise that i will not miss the wedding and still i had to miss it !anywasy i am thinking of sending across a gift to her by mail ! (not not e-mal but the snail mail! )
another wicket goes down as my ex-roommate gets married today.phew this must be a real marriage season.the downside most of my money goes down buying gifts ! :-(
then there was a test.the less said about it the better.hope to do some damage recovery in the assignments.actually i am under heavy pressure for the assignments.coz i better do well or else my reputation as a good programmer will definitely take a beating.
then been trying to compile kde3.2 for the past few days and running into some block or the other ! hope to get it up and running by today !

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