21 October 2004

holding out to ransom ?

"if we dont improve the infrastructure in bangalore then the companies will go to china" threatened the so called IT captains of bangalore during a dinner meeting with rahul gandhi it seems.
i say if so then so be it. we should not be held out to ransom like this. no industry in india has ever got so much of attention and pampering by the governments. and i must say that the government is equally to blame too.in this aspect i have high regard for amma jayalalitha. for her IT is just another industry.if you want to set up shop go ahead if you dont want fine.
The damage that the former chief minister for karnataka did now comes out into the fore ! He projected bangalore as though it was the only place ever worth living and now look at the mess here!
this industry drives only .2% of india's gdp and there is nothing to be hyped or gungho about it. people keep asking for more road space in bangalore.where can there be any more road space ? for god's sake grow up guys. bangalore was never meant for such maniacal explosion.ok i better reserve these words for my article

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20 October 2004

why not bangalore ?

I am compiling a lengthy article on why you should *NOT* invest in bangalore despite all that hype. I am trying to write up on it from a layman's perspective. And ya i dont expect anything major to come out of it. If atleast one person sees it and changes i guess im done !
so expect it any day :-)

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19 October 2004

do you have a house ?

r u a considerate house owner in bangalore ? when i say considerate i mean a owner who does not harpen his tounge when we say i am a s/w engineer.man the house rent rates are atrocious to say the least ! the search for a house continues !!!
so if you are a house owner/ a tenant vacating his house in and around koramangala,domlur, indranagar areas dont hesitate to send me a mail !

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18 October 2004

why today varuna why today ?

of all days why does it have to rain today in madras ? oh well rain is good but not today please.india is so close to winning the test.{ yes i believe it will win !}
matches being rained off in madras is totally unbelieveable
but it has been happening.a one-dayer got rained off.
sad but true

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14 October 2004

for want of a post ?

can someone write off some code for me ? i have written down an algorithm and not finding time to implement it.that should have been completed atleast on tuesday and today is thursday.
there was something i noticed which i wanted to write about on but forgot.anyway shall think on that and write about it

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13 October 2004

Where else ?

where else inthe world will you find people painting the zebra crossing signs { which are never used }, blocking up huge traffic in an already congested road ?
if you are unable to guess it is nowhere else but this useless and over hyped place called bangalore.are people out of their minds or what ?
time someone drilled some sense into them
then amma puratchi thalaivi has won an international awards.note the citation.it says for empowerment of women and nothing about her way of governance or whatsoever.
carry on your good work amma.we need you for another term if tamilnadu is to retain its present charm and continue its leading position

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11 October 2004

a hectic weekend

was in yenga madras this weekend.man that place surely rocks ! was checking out some real estate.im surprised @ the rates with which they seem to be disappearing fast ! cool man.as long as the hype of the s/w profession does not touch it im happy !
ok got to get back to my assignment.some pressing matters are on hand :-)

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06 October 2004

and we move on !

evan williams { evan who ? } .ok he is the guy because of whom you are reading this has quit google. gosh so much confidence in him to start new companies !
anyway read his final blog here

something that i have always maintained is that there should be development in a place without antagonising the localites.read an intresting article in the hindu about it here

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04 October 2004

something that i dreamt of !

about a few years ago a thought stuck me that why is it that movies are not distributed via satellite.this was in november 2002 when i was in us of a, in a casual conversation with a few guys over a couple of drinks.
well that has become a reality though i dont have any hand in that !
read the article here

cool isn't it ? then there is another of my dream ideas.to implant something into that movie so that when u try to record it using a digital camera it would have lines running all over the place.i hear that some company in madras is already out with that kind of technology :-(

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01 October 2004

against google ?

a small company called vivisimo has now challenged what i thought was not challengeable at all.it has challenged google ! with a new search engine called www.clusty.com
ok now what is it that makes google so efficient ? look around you for solutions particularly the real life !
supposedly when a colony of ants go out in search of food they split themselves into bunches and do the searching.when a group of ants find some food they gather it and go back to their anthills.
now the more the concentration of food in a particular spot the more the number of ants and hence more amount of the tracing fluid which all ants secrete.ie at that place the probability of finding food is more ! the google follows the same philosophy ! ( if you did not understand what i was saying all this time try searching for the same in google itself :-) )

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