25 March 2010

My dear motorcycle driving monkey

The rearview mirrors on your motorbike have a specific purpose. It is in no way cool if you remove them and zip through the traffic.

Four boken bones and lacerations all over your body could have been averted, if only you had checked your rearview mirror for a second to see the car coming right behind you, before you lazily braked right in the middle of the road.

Other motorcycle morons who drive without rearview mirrors, I hope you take note.


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08 March 2010

Thank Heavens

Thankfully, the Oscar committee seemed to have some sense.

Hurt Locker, in any day, is a much better movie than the fantasy world of Avatar.


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Bingo !! Christoph Waltz wins Oscar

To the man who made simple things like drinking milk, and eating a snack look terrifying -- you absolutely deserved the Oscar !!

If you have not seen Inglorious Basterds, do come out of the rock under which you were hiding and see it. Tarantino has created yet another masterpiece.


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02 March 2010

Sachin Tendulkar - Second player to score a double century in one day matches

Yes, Sachin Tendulkar is actually the second player to score a double century in one day matches.

So, who was the first ? Well, read this article from cricinfo.com.

No, it is not the first of April thing.


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