31 March 2008

Jet Airways

Even if you have to pay that tab bit extra, Jet Airways rocks and rocks big time. They have introduced e-check in, where you can check-in through the electronic kiosks. I know. I know. The cynical misfits among you would cry hoarse that it exists in many places in the world. Heck, even I have used it in many places in the world. But, come on, it is a start and needs to be appreciated.

But, what takes the cake is that their in-flight entertainment system uses Linux ;-). That _is_ something. When the system starts up, you are greeted with the familiar sight of the Penguin and the scrolling of boot up messages.

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28 March 2008

Neo Sports

Watching the highlights on Neo Sports is a pain. The commentators are bad. No, actually, they suck.

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25 March 2008


They say that when you meet with an accident, the brain makes sure that it erases that portion from your memory so as to not trouble you with that incident again and again.

When that is the case, how can you analyze what happened and make sure you do not make that mistake that lead to the accident once again ? Is that conditioning built-in such that you do not make that mistake ?

Point to ponder about

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Belly Dancer

Do not ask me why this song is named Belly Dancer. Just listen to "God" Satriani strum away !

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19 March 2008

We did not want to know

I know. I know. I know.



PS: For the uninitiated, Raghuvaran immortalized those two words with his powerful portrayal. Picture courtesy: Here


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18 March 2008


80 kmph on Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Hosur to Krishnagiri four lane road. Not a soul in sight. 6am on a Monday morning. Totally misty. Visibility less that a few feet.

And S.Janaki crooning Puttham puthu kaalai from the movie alaigal oyvathillai.

What else does one need in life ?


PS: It is sad that this song was not present in the movie. On second thoughts, given the way that the directors of 80's have mauled some of Illayaraja's best works, it ain't all that a bad miss !

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14 March 2008

Bathroom Thoughts

மறப்போம் மன்னிப்போம் என்பதை கடை பிடிபதற்கு நீ கடவுளாக இருக்க வேண்டிய அவசியம் இல்லை, மறந்து மன்னிதலே நீ ஓரு கடவுள்.

Translated: You need not be god to forget and forgive, you _are_ god if you forget and forgive.


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13 March 2008


Check it out ! Yes, it was my privilege to watch him live.



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No where else is communication as important as a hair cutting salon. You tell the man short on the sides and medium on the top and he does short on the sides and extremely short on the top, making it look as if a lawn mover went over your hair.

Not that it matters too much, just that you feel more air coursing through your head when you wear your helmet and drive !


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10 March 2008


What a way to start your week !

Click here to watch the video if you are unable to see the player.

Caressing violins and amazing orchestration (as usual) marked by S.Janaki's mellifluous voice.



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05 March 2008

Spot On

What I have been saying all along these years just gets some official confirmation.

Now, do not give me that stupid look of yours when I say that I have relocated to Madras okay ?



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04 March 2008


Coming Up:

1. A two day Jungle trek in Escape Road, a road that connects Kodaikanal with Munnar.

2. A drive (in what else; Royal Enfield) to Masinagudi.

Life in India is indeed exciting !


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02 March 2008

No Difference

There is no difference between the daytime heat in Madras and Bangalore. Both are equally blinding and dehydrating. Just that there is a slight nip in the air till 7.00AM in Bangalore.


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01 March 2008

Brain Dead

I do not quite seem to understand the logic/philosophy/stupidity of wearing the identity card in a railway station. Of course, needless to say, it is only the brain dead software coolies who will go to such absurd lengths. I do not think we need to know that you work in HCL or Utopia systems or Texas Instruments.


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