31 July 2006

Take That !

And now i am back on orkut ! It took some real shit to get their support center to reset the password !
Now, to think of a good password and not click on the "remember me" box.

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Trip to Jog

The trip rocked big time ! Report and pics will be up shortly ;-)

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28 July 2006

Off to Jog

No, not for my early morning jog, but to Jog falls ;-) on (what else?) my Bird ;-) (Thunderbird!! ). I plan to see some other place that might be there closeby. Agumbe or Murudheswar looks promising. But, as is my wont, all travel plans on the run-time ! Isn't that the best part of travelling ?
So looking forward to a very promising weekend

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General Ishtuff - 2

A Collection of random stuff that i have observed the past few days

1. Most of the ISP's have some problem with their DNS servers as you cannot access any blogspot.com sites by names, but only by IP's. Heck, that makes difficult viewing

2. Fedora Core 5 sucks and sucks big time. What is the use of a package manager which needs some extra manipulation to install packages from cd ? It did have X.org R7 which i wanted to try out but then what the blazes ? I tried a minimalistic installation and now i am unable to upgrade.

3. I think the Tsunami of 2004 has caused some real climatic disturbances in south india. It is raining in motherland in July. I mean Rains in madras in July ? That _is_ something

4. I observed this incident when i was coming back by train from madras. A man approached a passenger in the train and told him that he was originally from bangalore and when he reached madras in the afternoon, he lost his wife ! (As S.Ve.Shekar said in one of his plays "Exhibitions and other crowded places are where you loose things that you want to loose ;-)"). So he asked him some money to get an open ticket to go back to bangalore. What beats me was that the passenger gave him money !! I can understand the willingness of the passenger to help, but giving money just like that ? And what happened was that the passenger after giving money got frustrated and started shouting at these kind of tricksters ! No not good. Perhaps a little more effort to get an open ticket for the guy who lost his wife might help !!

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16 July 2006

Eh ! At the receiving end

Hmm it does feel intresting to know that someone, i mean some real crackpot has kind of managed to steal your orkut login ! It is not that i am anyway an avid orkut buff or whatsoever, but it does feel really irritating. I was intrested in finding out what the general Junta say about that useless book called "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". Google seems to throw up all positive stuff and so does a technocrati search.
So here is to proclaim that in case anyone gets some real dirty messages from me through orkut, well it wasn't me :-).
Oh well, if you do get some messages you like, and which warms your heart, and you want to touch base with me, you do know how to reach me :-) !!
I still dont understand what can someone get by stealing _my_ orkut id !
Now to get cracking on some internet forums to see how i can get it back. Suriyanukke torchae ? ;-) (Showing torch to the sun itself is it ?)

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Feels real damn good

It's 12.05Am on a sunday morning and it feels real good when you realize that you have finished all the necessary work needed here, and for a change you are reading a book, a habit which meandered off after close to three years spent in trying to get a master's degree from here.
But what can put you into a real foul mood is a reading or rather a skimming of the book "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". I quite fail to understand what all the hype was about. After reading the first two chapters, i could make out that he has done a simple rewording of our Bhagavad Gita and other ancient scriptures !
Probably what made the book significant might be that not many may have had an idea of Gita :-) (I meant the Bhagavad Gita you duffer !!)

On a more unrealted note here is a snippet of a conversation i had with my friend
K: macchi so you are having a great time is it ?
Me: Yes da, real kick-ass time ! Life rocks.
K: Ok have you told your parents that you are really happy now ?
Me: Well, they do know about it. What is so important here ?
K: The signs are not good. You are happy, roaming around town, spending every paise of the money you get without saving anything, and in general having a good time. Means you are not being responsible. Time to get you a "kaal-kattu". (For the un-initiated it means getting married). Your house number is still xxxxx right ? I think i need to talk your parents.
Me: WTF !!? ;-) why are you so jealous ?

Bah ! All that you need to spoil the real high feeling that you were having !

PS: Now that i am finished with my degree, you can see me jogging almost everyday on the Domlur-Koramangala Inner Ring Road at around 6.00Am. You are welcome to give me company ! Time to trim out all the unnecessary stuff accumulated over the last three years !

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15 July 2006


Is it just me, or has anyone else observed that the song "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd seems to be having a strong resemblance some carnatic ragam ? Particularly the opening guitar ? I could be wrong too ! Any pointers anyone ?

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13 July 2006

Two points of Depression

Two things left me quite depressed and wondering what was the real use of people being educated !
1. Picture this. There are quite a lot of call center vehicles plying in bangalore. These are also called "Carriers of Death" ! Now try to see the other side of this aspect, from the driver's side. He is basically made to work at almost 24hr basis, his license is confiscated by the agency for whom he works and most importantly he would not have even seen the inside of a school. Now the big question is, many a time you see a speeding cab with the employees _inside_ it. Aren't the employees educated ? Even if they are tired and sleepy and what not, what prevents them from telling the driver to take it easy and go carefully ? I invariably see the employees dozing off when they get back home. Someone needs to tell them that it is better they wait, get home and get good sleep instead of taunting the "eternal" sleep by travelling in such a speeding vehicle ! And these employees are educated and what not ! Blah
2. This one takes the bigger piece of the cake ! To get an Indane gas connection, you need to have a ration card it seems. To get a new ration card can take upto three years. So what do these smart-aleck (mainly bull-shitting software people) guys do ? They bribe the guy at the counter with some 2000 rs and get a new connection. Now a simple math will tell you the following. Most of the guys have a gas connection just for the sake of having one and eat out most of the time. Even if they cook on a daily basis, it is just for only once a day. That being the case, if you get a private gas connection, you get a 12.5kg cylinder for 400rs, as opposed to 14.2kg cylinder at indane for 350rs. Now over a span of three years (the time taken to get the ration card), you would have spent atmost 1000rs extra in buying the cylinder from a private agency. Then why encourage corruption ? And these are the guys who earn fancy salaries and are educated at premier institutes! Agreed, but why to encourage corruption ? Then these people have no guts to crib that everything in India is corrupt and stuff. As you sow, so will you reap.

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10 July 2006

Why Why Why

A million or rather a zillion times will this question be forever asked around the globe and at almost every gathering of football fans. Why did Zidane have to head butt Materrazi at a crucial moment ? What made a great player do such a rash act ? I am not a france supporter by any chance, but to see the great player not even come up to get his medal, well does make one feel bad !
Why zizou why ? Is this way you have to go in the sunset of your career ?
And if one noticed carefully, the world's highest paid goalkeeper, buffon, dived almost all the ties to the wrong way while bartez dived aleast to the correct direction ? Divine Justice anyone ? ;-)

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06 July 2006


Vadivelu the tamil comedian says during one of his comedy punch lines from the movie "Winner" - "Opening yellam nalla thaan irukku, aana pinishing seri illaye pa" meaning your opening is good, but your finishing is bad.
Portugal played exactly the same way, hitting just wide of the goals, having just one man in the D box to receive the crosses, well that is never the way to win the game and they paid the price for it. Real bad finishing. Surprisingly, even france did not look like running away with the match, the much hyped Ribery notwithstanding. Though Zidane did show touches of what makes him a modern-day great, i still think Itay are in with a good chance to take home the cup on sunday. But then the better the opposition, better do great players play ! I would still put my money on Italy, Zidane or not.
And followers of Number 13 superstition can now rejoice. Scolari just lost his 13th match in the world cup as a coach. Oh the other important thing is that he had won all the previous 12 matches as a coach !

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05 July 2006

General Ishtuff

What a relief it was, when Grosso netted the ball after failing to do so, twice previously. Germany got a nice kick in its slimy backside ! Even though it might have been the Argentine's mistake in letting Germany win, i wouldn't have digested Germany going to finals !
Now to cheer for Portugal as they kicked England out of the tournament !
And King Kribs is back at doing what he does impeccably, organizing stuff (If you were a part of This you would have know that it was the best out of all similar events organized in India. I am not joking, ask anyone you want!). There is this cool video blogging thing which he has put together. Check Here for more details.
If you were following the latest spat between Qualcomm (Yeah, the company that owns the CDMA patents) and Reliance Infocomm, here is more info for you, courtesy here.

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03 July 2006

Well deserved victory

As India plunges into a gloom over the loss of England (what the heck, a hyped up team and it deserved to loose:-)) and Brazil (Well ok they did not look good either) in football, the cricket team expectedly won the test series against a depleted West Indies. One should not forget that however bad a team is, they are tigers in their home turf. Didn't India halt the Australian's winning streak in Tests ?
So here to saluting Team India for their victory, some poor umpiring and inclement weather not withstanding.

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02 July 2006

Soccer Blogs

There are blogs covering socccer and then there is This one ! This guy has a definitive taste with pictures that beats the shit out of these blogs by a mile :-)

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