30 September 2004

that fascination !

Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2,1835,British Parliament

"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber,that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem,their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation".

well well our fascination for anything foreign still continues.i was stopped today morning in front of my office building because i did not flash my id card like all other morons do but a foreigner working in a different office in the same bulding was allowed to go. that was enough for me to raise a hue and cry and i dman made sure they apologised to me !
a day well begun !

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29 September 2004

quo vadis the hindu ?

there was an intresting news item yesterday that the minister f highways balu has granted that a super structure ( elevated road ) would be build to facilitate better access to electronic city in bangalore.
the newspapers obviously generated enough hype about it to make it a big event.
cut to today the newspapers ( indian express ) has expressed reservations by noted construction engineers that the plan was announced before doing any kind of feasibiltiy study and it needs to be studied better before such a road can become a reality.
also the meployees of the electronics city themselves have expressed doubts saying that in the absence of alternate roads such a plan would do nothing to improve the state of affairs
what does the THE HINDU say ? it says that it is a crowning achievement of the new govt ! my goodness.sycophancy has a limit hindu.i have just compelted and shot off a mail to the editor and obviously it will not get published.
i am yet to see a letter to editor being published in hindu newspaper which critises it news items.
but what a fall have you had ! for a newspaper that was once called "mount road mahavishnu" it has now fallen to such cheap heights !

that apart i still view the idea with sceptisim.if electronics city is to get such a facelift why not ITPL ? the HAL bridge at marathahalli that one has to cross to reach ITPL is so narrow that god forbid what would happen if a breakdown happens on that bridge !
trust me when i say this.three more years is what bangalore can withstand.

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28 September 2004

this & that

well been bit busy to see the life around me :-( shall see and psot shortly.
ok what is the best breakfast which u can eat and not gain weight ? mez got into some kind of problem.
if i eat breakfast i put on weight.for a test i stopped breakfast ( means only 2 idlis instead of chow chow bath ) and i have definitely lost weight !

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24 September 2004

open pockets

on my way to office i saw a group of children doing some theaterics to earn their daily bread.the point here is that the ppl who were in their cars refused to lower the windows and give something to those kids.come on they were not begging they were trying to disply their talents or whatever to feed themselves, which is much better than begging.Intrestingly the ppl who were travelling in their bikes did part a few coins from their wallets.
i think this kind of attitude deserves a kick in the back !

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23 September 2004

in the spotlight

a few bloggers that i know were featured in an article in the hindu newspaper ! im seriously thinking of getting a domain of my own someday ! i guess if i have to make it big i need to park myself somewhere in the net world.gotta do that @ some point of time.
met a few ppl online yesterday who seem to be ni touch with some kind of ppl network.got to understand that thing carefully ! that could lead me to where i want to go

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21 September 2004

a visit to the nearest ice cream shop to celebrate the b'day of someone by downing 2 icecreams and a load of almonds and cashewnuts has given me a running nose :-) { that was indeed a loooong sentence ! }
mez a bit busy these days with some work !

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20 September 2004

point to ponder ?

what happens if u r a film maker ? you make a film,distribute it, then its upto the theater owner to show it for a few days to gauge the collections and then decide whether to continue showing the movie or not right ?
what happens if the theater owner decides that his theater is situated in a so called "hep" place and will show only english movies ? then the income you were getting from that theater is lost.also the theater owner decides to jack up the rates then what happens ? the so called "hep" ppl continue to come to that place pay 100 or so rupees to see the worhtless movie just because it is located in a so called "hep" place.
ok reader by now you would have guess that im talking about this worthless place in india called bangalore where a standoff between theater owners and distributors is happening.
I completely support the film makers.there should be a ban on other language movies.
"shankar nag chitra kala mandir" was the original name of symphony theater.i do remember that it used to show kannada movies.once the s/w boom happened he simply stopped.why ? now he is suffering.plaza another worthless theater charges 60rs for a theater that does not even have a/c!! can you imagine this kind of atrocity ?
so i fully support the cause of the kannada industry

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18 September 2004

happy vinayaka chaturthi to one and all.i got an intresting forward which showed a crying ganesha searching for his mouse !
that was indeed a good one :-)
on a more philosophical note when and how did idol worship come up ? comments anyone ? i am strongly against idolosing the gods.they must be left to one's imagination.
to me god is the bus driver who reaches me safely to office !
this promises to be an important point to discuss !

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17 September 2004

weekend is here and this weekend promises to be particularly intresting. that is all that i can say now ! so when is unicorn getting released ? end of this month ? well i guess i have got tired of travelling by bangalore buses !

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16 September 2004

found a suqerril kid in my wardrobe closet.duno why all the animals of the world prefer to raise their young there ! earlier it was a set of kittens and now these :-(
madras trip was good.checked out some real estate options.got to wait and watch to see what happens !
on a more intresting/promosing note i shall type in a few lines here everyday as if i am sending an e-mail !

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09 September 2004

as an update to my pervious post ALL THE CALCUTTA FLYOVERS WERE BUILT IN THE PAST THREE YEARS. do u hear it u irresponsible corporators and other worthless scum of bangalore ? taking 3 years just to plant a few pillars and 5 years to construct a flyover !
and one of the flyovers in cal is 2.5km long and was built in just one year.
ok so here is the answer to these things.u need to use your brains not just award the contract to whomsover bids the least. 3 of the important flyovers are being built by up state bridge corporation.now i am not against them or whatsoever but simply put no one in india has that kind of expertise that L&T has.so period.they should have given the contract to L&T.
anyway im off to madras today ! got some hectic work all lined up already.home pc is bombing it seems so have to check that stuff.anyway let me see how things go !

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07 September 2004

the trip to oshno land was good.actually im impressed ! more so with the flyovers there ! a 2.5km flyover was built in just one year .the bangalore ppl are building flyovers for the past 3 yrs and not a single pillar is in place :-( anyway not much of my concern!
got back some pumpkin pedas.and im off to madras again this weekend !! for a marriage of my company colleague.then cal indeed looks like a decent place.the only problem is that everyone behind a wheel thinks he/she is a schumacher.driving at breakneck speeds.i amnot sure why they do that.also the number of 2 wheelers is quite less.they have good public transport ( of course cant beat madras anyday!!) metro underground rails and trams and buses.the buses look quite ugly though and dont have any windows too ! wonder how they travel when it rains which it does quite frequently.
humidity there is pretty high.when u come out of an a/c room your glasses fog ! that much humidity.
we interviewd the guys in a place called heritage college.that college has from kindergarden to engineernig ! the only issue is the fees.6k per month for school.the engineering is cheap though since it is all govt controlled.almost every classroom has an a/c.its as though the engineering is cross subsidised by the school !
for a metro city i see a lot of huge open spaces and marshes there.for example within a distance of say 12km from the heart of the city i could see fields !!
anyway that is their problem.it was indeed a nice change from being in bangalore.

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02 September 2004

ye oshons and boshons im being unleashed on you.well im coming to the land of rossogollas.for campus recruitment.i pity those souls who are about to face the barrage of my questions.well my policy of recruiting is well know.find out a maximum chance to reject ppl.only then they can cross the level !!
anyway i shall be back late sunday so shall update my blog once im done !
then something intresting happened which i wanted to post but i forgot about it ! shall do it when i find time :-)

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