26 April 2004

does anyone know the name of the movie having the song "adhi kaalai nee paadum boopalamae ? " i heard that song today and if my memory serves me right i think it is some vijayakanth movie or some rajinikanth movie.someone please let me know the name of the movie and i shall give u a treat :-) :-)
then days are just flying away ! day after tomorrow is judgement day ! since the exams are all open book ones i hope it would atleast be manageable and not a massacare :-)

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24 April 2004

huh no blogging yesterday ! basically had nothing much to write about ! well for the next week or two not much will appear here as i am a bit busy with my exams and other batshit :-(
had dinner in angeeti.a bit expensive place but the food was great.bill for 3 came to 900.the sales tax is also a bit on the higher side :-(
and rediff.com carries a shit article .some actress broke her rib having sex it seems.who the f*** cares ? why the hell do these kinds of news items come ??
anyway gotta get back to that exam shit

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22 April 2004

guys did anyone get invite to join gmail ? ok i did and i joined ! let me see what i am going to do with another mail ! ok it is raining in bangalore.good will bring the oppressing heat down.man past few days have been really terrible.as i say again yes i come from madras and it is far more hotter there..but i cant stand the heat when there is no humidity.i kind of feel like being roasted without oil kind of being burnt dry.so please if it is hot it is ok but let it be humid too !
and today there was no a/c in the lab for some time.man i now realise how much i have got used to a/c in the lab.could not sit in here properly !!
then had a chat with one of my old schoolmate.well people have really gone places.he is in SAP labs bangalore.nice to hear that ! good luck to him then i missed the second part of scahin's interview :-( :-( anyway no issues
gotta get back

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21 April 2004

hmm watched chelsea loose to monaco.what a spirited game of football from monaco ! down to ten men and they were stillattacking.especially good were the winger rothen who setup two goals and ingmaar the defender who saved atleast two clear goals.great game.
then my project is down in dumps :-( someone please save it !
26% of india has voted with the exit polls putting my party ahead.i think i shall go over to my constituency and vote too !!
diego maradona is hospitalised ! well he looks an image of his former self ! so sad such a brilliant player is reduced to such a state.his first goal ( no not the hand of god goal ) was a superhuman effort !
hope that he revocers fully
then went yesterday to nandhini;s in sankey tank as our mess was closed.not as good as the indranagar one !

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19 April 2004

hah ! no blogging over the weekend is not good at all !! :-( :-( read sachin's interview on rediff here. this is supposedly the first part of the interview.the second part should be out in a few days or so.
then karnataka goes to assembly as well as lok sabha elections tomorrow.good luck to bjp.i am supporting bjp this time.in case you have any problems mail me and we shall engage in a lively debate !!
and google search on my blog title has not thrown up anything till now.so i guess my title is safe !!

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16 April 2004

wow ! what a victory.team india can savour this victory for quite some time ! on the other hand no more cricket for another few months gives me enough time to concentrate on my studies :-) ( ok i am being selfish but what the heck my career is on line here !!)
then there was this saree incident which went unnoticed by many.what was happening ? every party is trying to wash its hands off while 20 poor and hapless people died ! someone must do something about this ! this is not good at all.
saw some new website called fropper.com supposed to be a dating site it seems.
my question is why are such websites being created ? many men in india do not know about the concept of a normal talk.if any female comes across all that the guys do is to try to impress her.wel guys dont blame the females for this attitude.the fault lies in both guys and girls.the girsl should also have an open mind and guys should not come out strongly at girls only then such concepts will improve in india. !! huh ok my rantings here may not improve anything but what the heck this is my blog !!

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15 April 2004

grr second time i have been forced to change the title of my blog.so now the title is gajabhuja funda !! let me see how far i get with this title !!
then back from madras.yes no doubt that place is hot but i somehow dont feel any body heat there.bangalore kills me when it is hot.too much internal heat !! brother balaji struck early to get a wicket !!
kudos to dravid.he has aain proved that he is the real hero of india in test cricket !
then an embarassing situation developed in my return journey by train.i was sleeping like a log when the train pulled into bangalore railway station.if not for my alert fellow passengers i would have ended up at the parking shed !! thank you guys !
this is after sleeping through the journey in the train and also in the bus from my house to railway station !
what is happening to me ? must have a good look again at my sleeping problems !
so right now i am in a dillema.should i get back to office beggining august 1st or take another semester off ? let me see what happens .

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13 April 2004

a really short blog today as i am off to catch a bus home ! india did well to restrict pakistan with brother balaji doing really well ! good going india.keep it up.i am supporting the team tomorrow by watching the full match !!

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11 April 2004

ooh ! the past few days were really hectic.seeing off my brother to germany eating out with my colleagues after a real loooong time !! checked out miller's46.good place and nice on pocket for steaks ! had a great indian steak.unfortunately not all that spicy to really tingle my taste buds !
then a brilliant article on leander paes in hindu.
read it here : http://www.hindu.com/2004/04/11/stories/2004041100722100.htm
frankly speaking if you ask me my greatest sportsperson are vishy anand and leander.
i mean look at leander.he has snared almost all the big names in davis cup and still has no good ranking.davis cup is playing more for the country's pride rather than the money involved in big tennis matches and he is really doing very well !!
and vishy anand for the simple reason that he has proved that you can make big money by playing chess ! at a time when no indian dared to do it he did it !! so come on guys you are my real heros !
then trouble is brewing for DMK in tamilnadu.rajinikanth a straight votebank of 1.5 crores and another indirect 1 crore votes has decided to support BJP.well he claims that the real reson is becuase they promised in their manifesto that they will interlink rivers.well does not rajini know better than anybody else that manifestos are nothing but pure joke ?? i am not against rajini supporting any party but for god's sake let him give a clear reson or else let him not give any reason at all !!
he is proving yet again that he is an arasiyla thatthukutti !!!
then for the past three days i have not done any work for my assignments or for my exams !! so sad.better buck up and get back to work !!!!

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08 April 2004

so sad india went down ! so the jinx continues.we loose a test immediately after we win one ! this has been happening consistently for the past 2 years !
dada is back and so yuvraj seems to be out ! i guess the men in blue must get back and work hard.the bowling was spot on ! you could not ask for anything more .the batting needs to improve.well winning and loosing is always a part of the sports scenario ! well i wanted to write about something else too but forgot it !!
yes my website completes one year and it has had 1450 hits in one year.not bad ! on an average 4 hits per day.let me see whether it improves this year

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06 April 2004

have you listened to the song "thavikkudhu" from the movie nadhiya thedi vandha kadal ( the sea which came in search of the river ? ) supposedly the last movie of amma jayalalitha the chief minister of my homeland tamilnadu.
ok its a differeent issue that i havenothing except admiration for her guts simply becuase she stood up in a male dominated dravidian political world.
ok coming back to the song a brillinat guitar piece by (who else ?)illayaraja stands out ! supposedly when raja was a struggling musician he used to go over to thyagaraja college of engineering along with a friend ( who is also known as jayachandran that golden voiced guy !) and play out some of their compositions for the students ! man that must have bee heaven.
well what i am amazed at is that with my soooo very limited knowledge knowledge of carntic music i am able to appreciate his music how would it have been for the connoiseurs of carnatic music ?
raja is indeed raja !!
another brilliant song is "vaan nila" from the movie kadhal virus.rahman simply freaks out using the saxaphone.probably a brilliant combination of jazz and carnatic.
if raja was pure carnatic rahman is fusion carnatic.
which is why i claim again tamil songs are miles and miles ahead of that mindless trash called hindi film music.
of course the music of the olden days the golden hindi music was brilliant .but rahman and raja have simply changed all that !!

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04 April 2004

phew sleepless nights and sleepless days !! visited the new shopping complex in koramangala called forum.it is a load of BULLSHIT.does not come anywhere close to what spencer plaza in madras is.it has shops selling just branded goods.its alright to target a niche market segment but better be careful as that market segment is always dicey.give them something else to choose and they will desert you ! look at big bazzar it has loads of stuff and it is really going strong !
so my advice to the forum ppl is to better open up the place to different market segments !
met up with some of my rec junta.some of the junta i am catching up with them after a few years ! that is bad.. :-(
ya the second test starts tomorrow.good luck to the men in blue.some of our key bowlers have come back becuase of injuries.hope india has enough firepower to see it through !

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02 April 2004

and yes a brilliant victory has been achieved.however i think someone must rein in the media.they are hyping this just too much ! well my humble requst to the media is that they should not pull down the team when it performs badly but should be supportive even in times on distress !! that is the true attitude of the media !
then my brother is off to germany.good for him let him see the world !

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