26 June 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

I still remember it as if it was yesterday. My father bought ever the first ever cassette player to my home. It was 1993. Along with that cassette player came the tape "Dangerous". That was probably the first ever English song that I listened to in my home. I can off hand recall the lyrics of the song "Why you wanna trip on me" and "Dangerous" and "Keep it in the closet". I can tell you off hand the lyrics of all those songs.

Well, for most of us who grew up in 80's and 90's Michael Jackson was *the* pop icon. Heck, when I was in school, there was a senior who was so fond of Michael Jackson, that she was nicknamed Jayanthi Jackson, where Jayanthi was her real name.

Michael Jackosn is dead. Rest in peace whacko Jacko. For all that has been said and done, you did revolutionize the entire pop music industry.


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02 June 2009

Where it all began

This is where it all began

Birthday wishes to King Illayaraja and Manirathnam. While I still think that Manirathnam is an over rated director, there cannot be any kind of argument to the fact that there is only one Illayaraja.


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