21 September 2009

Co-Incidence ?

2003 - I travel all the way from San Diego to Virginia in February to meet up with a classmate from School. We hang out in Washington D.C the first day. The remaining two days are buried under snow. History's second worst snow storm, the President's day snow storm catches up with us.

2009 - I am now in Atlanta and it has its worst floods in 30 years. The lake behind my office is full to the brim.

A word of caution to all drivers on the road: Most of your cars, in addition to the "D" on the gear shit panel, would also have a "L" and/or an "I". While you would not even know what it is to be used for, use it now. It would increase the torque on your engine, thereby keeping the water out of your exhaust pipes. The easiest way to prevent your cars from skidding, or getting your exhaust system flooded with water, is to provide your engines with higher torque. I saw at-least 3 cars skid off the road into the gravel today morning.


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09 September 2009

Linkin Park New Divide

As soon as I heard the song "New Divide" by Linkin park on the radio (If you are in Atlanta, try listening to either 97.1 for classical hits, or 97.9 for alternate music), I could recollect that I have heard the song somewhere, but I was not able to place it.

Youtube to the rescue.

That song is a part of Transformers-2 movie. A decent movie, worth a watch.

Here is the song

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06 September 2009

Healthcare in America

Dear brothers and sisters of America,
Amidst all this discussions about fixing health care system in America, all that you need to think is this; how is it that I can fly to Cuba, India, or even Europe, get myself cured, and fly once again for a follow-up and yet, have enough money in my bank, when compared to getting myself cured here in my home country ?

Further more, if I need to go to a doctor, why do I need to go through a middle man; the insurance company ? When there is a urge to eliminate the middle men in all spheres, why should health care -- the most important of them all, have middle men ?

Think about it.


PS: Acknowledgments for the title to Swami Vivekanada.

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01 September 2009

American Cars and Fuel Consumption

The Ford fusion has a fuel tank that can hold around 25 gallons of fuel. A Mitsubishi Gallant also has a fuel tank that can hold 25 gallons of fuel.

A Ford fusion is a compact car, meaning small car. A Mitsubishi Gallant is a mid size car.

QED. This is why I keep saying that American car makers have no idea on what it means to be fuel efficient.

It is a pity that a lot of moronic Indians, still swear by these cars, especially, Ford Ikon, Ford Fusion and the more recent Chevrolet Spark. IMHO, cars made by American car manufacturers must be burnt at stake.

As simple as that.


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